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The Georgia Workers' Compensation Act requires employers with three or more employees to have workers' compensation insurance, and their employees are entitled to benefits for on-the-job injury, occupational disease, or death. Workplace injuries can include lower back or spinal cord injuries, shoulder or back injuries, joint or knee injuries, hand injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, chemical exposure, occupational diseases, or even preexisting conditions that have made worse by job duties.

 You are injured on your job. You need medical care or treatment, and will lose income if you are out of work. 

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*   What Medical Benefits am I entitled to?

*   How long will I receive Medical Benefits?

*   What Medical Treatment will I receive?  (Emergency Treatment, Panel Physician, Authorized Physician)

*   What do I do if I need emergency medical care or treatment?

*   When is it essential that I contact an attorney?

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